Rethinking Old Navy.

July 1, 2008

Yes, Old Navy. Every town in America has one, right? I have never really been a big Old Navy shopper. I could never find anything that fit me right. I tried it again when C-Man was born, but the boys clothes are Too ordinary. Lots of "Daddy's Lil Surfer" going on, if you know what I mean (not that he doesn't have stuff from there...I just don't get too excited about it). But! Then I had a baby girl! And, oh my. The baby girls clothes are so darn cute! They are unique, vintage-y looking, and dare I say, feign the whole "hand-made" look quite well. Plus, they have lots of rompers (which can be hard to find), and there is nothing cuter than a little girl in a romper. Heck, I like little boys in rompers. By the way, all of these things would look great with a pair of these. Here, check some of the stuff out:
All available here.


  1. Those things are cute! I'm cracking up about the "Daddy's little surfer" comment. It seems like it's all surfing, sports or cars. I guess of the three - I'd probably choose surfing too!

  2. I have been surprised on several recent trips to Old Navy. Great selection for inexpensive wardrobe refreshers. And those rompers are to-die-for!


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