Monday Mess.

July 30, 2012

I'm thrilled that Trina from La La Lovely asked me to participate in her Monday Mess series.  Hope on over and check it out!

Dancing Queens.

July 23, 2012

Juju was in Dance Camp week before last.  This was a first for her.  She was the youngest (most girls were at least 2 years older than she is).  It was so cute to see her come alive during the performances.  She is usually pretty shy and doesn't like the spotlight (I thought, anyway).  Although she seems to have forgotten most of the moves to the different songs, they are still fun to watch.  In the video below, Little E joined her for the first time.  (Fave part is Juju doing The Sprinkler in a completely casual, nonchalant way....)

What I've Learned Recently.

Hi.  (Is anyone still out there?)  Well, we got home from our trip safely and happily.  However, after adjusting to jet lag, unpacking, and otherwise tackling Re-entry, Little E managed to develop a severe infection in one of her mosquito bites.  (Mosquitoes ate our children alive in Venice and I still haven't forgiven those nasty buggers.)  The infection was bad, as in Real Bad.  Sadly, test results confirmed it was MRSA (which the doctor had predicted).  If you have to google that to find out what it is, don't read too can be scary.

Thankfully (seriously so much thankfulness going on over here) she has pulled through, and a week ago the doctor declared her 90% better and that her healing had been "remarkable" and "wonderful."  I really think he was surprised that she was able to turn things around like she did.  She is now essentially back to normal.

Here's what I've learned:

1.  Get off the Internet (at least after you've managed to figure out the basics).  Nothing ever, ever good comes from reading discussion boards about horror stories of random Internet people.

2.  Follow your mama bear intuition.  I doubted myself a couple of times, but I ended up having the correct first instinct in a couple of critical periods.

3.  Talk to real people.  I spoke with a few moms who have had first had experience with MRSA infections, and those conversations were invaluable.

4.  Get off the Internet.

5.  Don't ignore a bug bite or cut that looks a little weird (or that is painful).  These infections move quickly and can be very dangerous.  Early treatment is key.  I really had no idea.  I'm so glad I took her into the doctor within a day of it first appearing.

6.  Don't overuse antibiotics.  They think she responded so well to the antibiotic treatment in part because she has never been on them before.  Also, antibiotic overuse/misuse (also, all of the anti-bacterial soaps/gels/cleaners) is probably what lead to the development of MRSA in the first place.

7.  These infections are affecting kids and healthy adults a lot right now!  It used to be something that people got in hospitals or nursing homes, but now the bacteria is all over the place and can affect anyone.

8.  For all the talk out there about how terrible our health care is, I am so grateful for the doctors (and nurses) who helped us.  They were attentive, patient, thoughtful, and gave us independent advice (not just canned "protocol" type recommendations).  I have no complaints at all...just thankful we live in a place with these types of health care professionals.

9.  Lastly, get off the Internet.  Ha.

So there you have it.  That's what we've been dealing with over the past couple of weeks.  Hopefully, I can get through our photos from the trip sometime soon and get a post up!

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