Can We Talk About Sundresses?

July 18, 2008

During the summer, I like to wear sundresses. Or at least a skirt and a tank top. And especially since becoming a mom. You see, when I wear shorts, I feel like I am trying to look like a jock (which I am not. at all.) or like a teenager (which I am not. at all.). I have never liked shorts. I love short skirts however. I know. This doesn't make any sense at all. Let me try to just show you then. A sundress is easy (one piece!) and it makes a statement. And it's feminine. These are all areas in which motherhood needs a little help. A sundress just makes the day better. Check a few out: Cotton, casual, dress it up, dress it down, blueberry stains won't show. Here.

Girly, but stays put while you're chasing junior on the playground. Here.

The ultimate beach to dinner dress. I'm thinking La Jolla Shores to Barbarell-esque. Here.

A little dressier, but just because of the length. Once you are used to long dresses, they are the ultimate go-to for casual entertaining. Like a pool party for the kids. Or a mai tai party for grown-ups. Here.

This has farmer's market written all over it. Here.

If you're feeling Martha's Vineyard, circa 1984, go for this. Be sure to get yourself some canvas sneakers. (Wait, did I just say "sneakers"?) Here. I could see you in this for a little light shopping with the kids or sneaking off to lunch with a girlfriend while the sitter does your dirty work. Ahhhhh....American Apparel to the rescue. Perfect for anything, everything, especially travelling since it would be impossible to stain or wrinkle. I like that it criss-crosses in the back. Here.
If you're feeling especially sassy, or you just have a cute pair of gold sandals, go for this.

Have fun and report back.


  1. I'm right there with you on the dress thing( and the short thing being a no no ). It seems there are a bunch of great dresses out there lately. Thanks for posting some more super cute ones. I love the green print one from Sacks.

  2. i'm with you! dress = yes...shorts = no, no, no

    but that's just me.

  3. I've been wanting that blue and green one you have posted (from Anthropologie) for so looong now! Have you ever checked out They're awesome!!!


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