Sick Little in the House.

February 13, 2013

{day one of stomach flu}
There's nothing sadder than a sick child.  And being up with sick kids at night and stuck at home during the day is no bueno, but I secretly love the sweetness and snuggles that come with taking care of a baby feeling under the weather.  Everything slows down, and those hugs and kisses you might normally have to steal during playtime, are now happening around the clock.

In the middle of the night last night, when I heard those fateful words, "I'm gonna fro up!!!" I ran into Little E's room and just about tore my shoulder off getting out of bed in such a haste.  She had her hand over her mouth and panic in her eyes.  I held a bowl up for her in one hand and her hair back with the other.  That girl is so sweet, she thanked me for the bowl and then thanked me again as I was cleaning her with a washcloth and putting a new pajama top on her.  I can think of a lot worse things than taking care of her while she fights off this nasty stomach bug.   I sure can.

{day three: she reached around and pulled my hand over her so she could hold it.....MELT}

Favorite Things Party.

February 10, 2013

A month or two ago, a group of my girlfriends and I got together for dinner at a favorite restaurant.  We were lucky enough to score their private room, which means we got to be as loud and boisterous and we wanted.

It was so nice, most of all, to find time to gather and celebrate with the ladies I love during such a busy time of the year.  The food and wine were wonderful as well (thanks, Olivier!).  But I won't lie.  The fact that we all brought a favorite thing to share with all the girls was so fun and I want to do it every year from now on.

I don't know about you, but I'm always wondering which new fantastic beauty product or Trader Joe's item my girlfriends have recently discovered, and this party was the perfect way to find out.

{krista brought apple butter from a favorite restaurant in town wrapped in one of her grandmother's cloth napkins}

{some of the loot we all made out with}
I highly recommend planning one of these parties!  Mama doesn't know best....your girlfriends do!  ;-)

Me and My Babe.

Can I just say I am loving this last year of having my baby home with me?  Being with her pretty much always feels like this.

photo by 180/360

A Juju Update.

This blog is in desperate need of some attention.  I though a little update on Miss Juju would make sense.  :)

So much is happening with this girl.  Since starting kindergarten this fall, she has comes the biggest cliche ever....blossomed!  Long gone is our shy, quiet doe-eyed watcher.  This girl is social, chatty, flitting around like a little butterfly.  She connects and bonds very quickly with new people in her world.  She regularly falls asleep in her teacher Miss Laura's lap while the other teacher is telling a story.  After school, I see her crawl into the arms of other parents.  I never imagined her doing something like that before this school year.  I like being surprised as a parent and reminded that I don't have my kids figured out.  

She lost her first two teeth in the past week or so.  I am pretty sure this is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to her.  The look on her face when she ran up to me with her sparkling eyes "Mama! Mama!!  It fell out!!!" was, well, unforgettable.  I don't ever WANT to forget it anyway.

{we played with this pool and snack bar set the other day and she asked me, "What would you like to drink?'"   I said "Lemonade" and she said, "Sorry, we only have cocktails."}
She continues to be a real tomboy.  She tries to keep up with her brother, although sadly, he sometimes wants nothing to do with her.  It's getting better though.  They play together a lot more.  She asks for her own Lego sets now, and sits side-by-side with him and works on them.  One thing I love about her, and that is totally different from most other kids I know, as soon as she finishes putting together a set, she breaks it apart and starts working on it again.   Even if it took her hours to put together by herself.  She is such not a fussy, particular kid and I just love that about her.
{note the shiner on her forehead... this girl plays hard}
She has wanted to cut her hair for a long time, and I finally gave in.  She wanted it shorter than we ended up getting it (I think) but she's happier now with it just touching her shoulders.  She was very proud stepping down off the chair at the kids' hair place and looking at herself in the mirror.   She was not, however, a fan of the glitter and bow.  :)

She is still her affectionate, touchy-feely self that she has been since she was born.  She crawls into bed with us every night at some point and wraps herself around me.  I will miss that someday.  Yes, I will.

Finally, just a little funny bit from a conversation with her the other night: I was tucking her into bed and she said "Mama, I love you so, so, so much.  Like crazy.  Like more than anything in the entire world."  "That's sweet, baby girl, I love you soooooo much too."  "But mama?  I love lots of other people too.  You know, like even robbers.  They are just people, mama."  

I call her my Wild Pony, which she sometimes likes, sometimes doesn't.  But I think it suits her perfectly.
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