Eye Candy.

July 22, 2008

Did anyone else catch the beautiful photo spread in Gourmet's July issue accompanying the "Rollin' on the River" Menu? I was just drooling over the photos, myself. Of course the food looks amazing, but it was the setting and the mood that really got my attention. Apparently, it was shot on location at a boathouse in Upstate New York, along a cool, tranquil river. And that tasty spread atop the overturned canoe? To die for. So casually perfect, if that is possible. Only the photos of the cake (Mascarpone Filled, with Sherried Berries, to be precise) and the Beef Tenderloin are on the website, so you'll just have to pick up an issue if you don't already have it (or sneak a peak in the check-out line....just don't blame me if you get the evil eye from the cashier). Check out the photographer's (Quentin Bacon) website as well. Amazing stuff. I wish I could get him to take some picks of the munchkins.


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