B's Special Night.

October 24, 2012

A few months back, B reached a certain *milestone* of sorts.  I wanted to honor him in a way that would be meaningful and fun, and, of course, in a way that he would appreciate.  I decided a gathering involving delicious food and wine in a beautiful setting with just his close friends (this wasn't my party after all!) would fit the bill.  The only tricky part would be keeping it a secret from him because I knew he would say no if I gave him a choice.  But I figured, hey, there are only a couple of occasions your friends will fly from all over the country and show actually show up for....and this was one of them.  So I took matters into my own hands, and planned the party.  (Which included making it a top priority that Kim be there to photograph the evening.)

{boulette's larder seemed an obvious choice as b had declared it his "favorite place ever"...and see that right there?  that's a reflection of the bay bridge in the window... mmhmm}

{i have to catch my breath a little every time i look at their kitchen}

{the guests waiting for us to arrive}
{still can't believe he was actually surprised}
{i'm so happy alice got to come because b is such good friends with her husband james...can't you tell?}

{b's friend michael brought all of the wine....he knows b's taste better than i do.....thank you, michael!!}

{all i remember about this salad is that it had pickled ramps....it was ridiculously delicious}
{favorite part of the evening was that almost every single person gave a toast...we laughed, we cried, we loved every minute}

{night caps were had at the place of one of our very first dates}
{we may have been a little, ahem, bleary-eyed by the end of the night, but it was well-earned}
Thank you, Kim, once again for the beautiful photos!!!

Before Midnight.

October 10, 2012

{before sunset}
I think I may have squealed out loud when I read that Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy just finished shooting the second sequel to Before Sunrise in Greece this summer.  I love love love those movies.  B and I watched Before Sunset in the early stages of my labor with C-Man (before things got tough HA!).  There is something so compelling to me about a story that checks in with two people every 9 years...don't you think?  This time they will be in their early '40s.  Love it.

The locations of all three films have been fantastic.  The first movie was set in Vienna and the second in Paris......but this one in Greece?  Be still my beating heart.

{before midnight}

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