Let's Hear It For Baths.

July 2, 2008

I don't know if you're like me, but a day without a bath is just not complete. I especially need it now that I am a mom. It sort of signals the shift in the day from "mom time" to "me time." The bathroom also seems to be the only place where I can really be all by myself, but I digress.... There is something about sinking into the warm water that changes perspective for me. The bath isn't the only place this happens. The other night, B and I went into the pool for a swim after the kids went down and B made an observation that is so true (at least for us). He said "It would be impossible to have an argument in the pool." I can't believe I never thought of that. It's sort of another state of being, floating there in the water. We decided next time we're having a disagreement, we're heading straight for the pool.


  1. So true! Is that your bathroom? If so, it is lovely. I could easily relax there.

  2. I could not agree more. Here's my problem: the wall to our bathroom is adjacent to the wall to maia's nursery. My dream is to put her down for the night and head straight to the bath. well guess what happens? the running bath water right next to her crib wakes her up! as a result, i haven't had a bath in months. at least we have a jacuzzi ...

  3. Well, I'm not much of a bath person but I couldn't agree more about the pool. I have taken my kids to the pool feeling stressed or in a foul mood, only to have it melt away once we're all in the pool, cooling down and relaxing.

  4. If that was my bathroom, I'm pretty sure I'd never leave it. I agree about "transition" time... however one finds it, it's a must.

    My friend runs a site that sells all kinds of fun goodies, among them good products to make any bathroom feel more cozy and spa-like. I'm especially fond of the bamboo bath caddy, here:


  5. 180/360: No, not my bathroom...I wish!

    Krista: what a dilemma! Maybe a sound machine? We have Juliet's at full blast!

    KellyT: How about this: "Let's Hear It for Water. Period." :)

    Jenna: Oh, I just love that caddy! Thanks for the link.... I am going to post one of my favorite sites for neat bath goodies in the near future. Stay tuned!

  6. that's about your 3 posts in one day - not about taking baths. I am a HUGE bath proponent though, if you did not know. I'm also really big on the outdoor shower!

  7. I love a good bath. It's been a few weeks for me. Time to get one going.

    I too will have to get that bamboo caddy.

    Now if only we had a pool...

  8. I was never much of a bather I liked hot showers until I had kids. Now get me the tub and I'm in heaven!


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