Army Crawler.

May 25, 2010

Little E doing her thing.

Army Crawler from domestic reflections on Vimeo.

Jane Birkin as Mom.

May 19, 2010

Cousin Casey nailed it this morning. Jane Birkin is/was a style genius. I do believe if there ever was a single fashion icon for me, it would be Miss Birkin. Although there is no shortage of images her showing her perfect, pared down, South of France style, my favorites are the ones of her with her kids (she has three daughters). Here are a few. And a cute one of her pregnant. :-)OK, raise you hand if you want to look just like her!

p.s. casey found out where you can get her famous bag (the basket, not the Hermes one!)....right here.

Two Years?!

May 14, 2010

Would you look at that. It's been two years to the day since I started this blog. If I were a better blogger or at least more organized, I would have a giveaway or something. Sheesh. I will, however, entertain you with a "What I've Learned List."

What I've learned:

1. You will never guess who you will re-connect with (or who will find you on google searches)...but it will be people you thought you'd never find or hear from again!

2. Your husband will sometimes be annoyed with the amount of time you are spending en la Internet. Other times he is telling perfect strangers (and old friends) to read your blog.

3. You will start out posting A LOT and then sometimes (maybe, if you're lucky) find the inspiration and time to post one photo of your kids per week.

4. Your readers love to read and talk about recipes (a lot), birth stories, "farm life," and schools and such.

5. They also indulge you in your need to show off photos of your wee ones, and in particular, they like videos of little girls dancing in their car seats. (Dude, more than 1500 plays??!)

6. You will get invited to stay in some fabulous places....I still want to come see you Erin!

7. A new friend will take gorgeous photos of your kids.

8. Another one will design your birth announcement.

9. You will receive gifts in the mail.

10.You will get emails from strangers that will literally make your day.

11. Your readers really, really liked the short-lived Cocktail Friday and the Monday Meal Planning series. You will be asked to give them more attention. You will fail.

12. You will have some really good ideas for your blog that you Just. Can't. Get. To.

13. Which friends do and don't read your blog will surprise you.

14. Reading your blog stats is interesting for a bit (who is reading me every morning in Tajikistan??), but then it becomes less important.

15. You will be shocked that people actually read your little blog! And come back for more!

Seriously, though, I love this little space where I can ramble on, record things about my kids, plan, daydream, vent, feel support.... The biggest (and best) surprise has been all of the awesome people I have met! Thank you for stopping by!

*kisses* *hugs* *even more kisses*

Hello, 7 Months.

May 12, 2010

Little E turned 7 months on Sunday. And did I forget to mention she started crawling last week? Well, the army belly crawl anyway.....but she's mobile. And that's all that matters, right moms? Take a peek at how she looks now: That soft skin, those sweet pink lips, those eyes. Those eyes kill me. It's so nice because she can actually play a little with her sister now. They even had their first fight (Little E can grab toys like nobody's business!), but they made up right away.See? So sweet those two.....

Avocados, Anyone?

May 11, 2010

Friends. I need your help. We have been gifted a large sum of avocados. I need ideas for how to use them up. Just an FYI, I have already thought of guacamole. ;-)

p.s. You guys are so good at recipe suggestions (here, here, here, and here) and I thank you in advance!

One More For All the Moms....

May 9, 2010

A very special video. You will love it.


via little. lovely.

To Motherhood.

May 8, 2010

I've read a lot of great stuff on blogs over the past couple of years. Unfortunately, I'm not one of those organized people that keeps track of links and then shares them on their own blogs. I always think I will be able to remember interesting posts, but I have had mommy brain for 5 years now. Not happening.

However. I will never forget a post I read way, way, way back when on Her Bad Mother. It's about being a mom. And I want to share it with you. When you have a quiet moment to yourself (and I hope you do very soon!), click on over. It's beautiful. Here's a teaser. Gives me chills....

"Then we know – if only for a moment, for one long, sweet moment – what it is to be more than one, to be one plus, to have split open and spilled out our blood and our viscera and our spirit and gathered it all back up again in our arms and held it, tight, pressed it to our chests, felt it throbbing and squirming and to have known, to know, what it is to hold one’s soul in one’s arms."

For Your Little Hipster Kid.

May 4, 2010

For a long time now I've scouted ebay for a Bertoia Child's Chair. They are hard to come by, very expensive and most are not in the best shape. So, no Bertoia Child's Chairs for the D.R. kids. Maybe we'll have to settle for these replicas:

For $88!!!!

Check out all of the mid-century kids chairs Little Nest makes. That little Egg Chair is pretty darn cute too.

Dream Bed.

I'm pretty sure I would have died from happiness if I had been given this bed as a child. With that freaking awesome curtain to cover it of course.

Adventures in Cloth Diapering.

May 3, 2010

So....I started using cloth diapers on Little E a month or two ago and I wanted to share what I've learned so far. Didn't want to come off sounding preachy or whatever, and for some reason, this is apparently *another* one of those sensitive mom subjects. Ah well. Never stopped me before....

I sort of cheated and signed up for a diaper service (it's what my mom did with my two younger sisters). If you have a service in your area, I highly recommend it. The one I use is extremely affordable and I really like the idea of supporting a local mom-and-pop business like this. All you have to do is buy the covers (which can be a little confusing to sort through, I'll admit). I cheated a little (again) and just asked Kristina what she likes best (knowing she had just done a bunch of research). She told me she liked the Imse Vimse organic cotton covers, so I ordered four in Little E's size. Done.

The diapers are super simple to use, are soooooo very soft, and then you throw them in the hamper when you're done. That's all. I really don't know what the fuss is about. And let me tell you, nothing feels more right than putting a soft cloth on your baby's heiny.

You don't have to be Superwoman to do this! Promise!
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