Domino Beat Me To It. Again.

July 3, 2008

This is what I get for planning ahead. I was saving one of my best internet finds for you. Maybe for a rainy day. Maybe for writer's block. Maybe for....I don't know. While I was withholding from you, Domino Magazine** went and featured the home of Carina Schott, a.k.a. the Nonchalant Mom. She has the most unbelievably well-edited collection of children's things and home items of any site out there (IMHO, of course). The thing that makes her online boutique (and real-life shop in Rhode Island, I imagine) different is that her items are not plastered all over the internet and in magazines. I don't know where she finds this stuff. I mean, I WANT ONE OF EVERY THING SHE OFFERS. And one more thing, did I mention I want to be her when I grow up? While I am busy fantasizing about my life with the initials C.S., would you please take a look at a few of her home shots from the Domino spread?
That pool is the most tranquil, relaxing space ever (within which to melt away any marital strife that may threaten).
I am such a sucker for lots of indoor/outdoor flow....
See how cute and stylish she is? And have I mentioned my love for all things yellow?
My ideal bed...feminine, but not too....bohemian, yet modern.....B would go for it too.
Love the kid friendly, yet grown-up style of the furniture and decor.
A hammock, a guest house AND an outdoor shower. Need I say more?
Now take a look at her shop. I love that it doesn't even look like a shop....just a fabulously designed room of a very stylish friend from whom you can borrow anything. I don't know what I want more: to shop here or have a shop of my own just like this.

I am not going to try to highlight the things on her site that I like because there are simply too many. Just check it out. I am just sorry I can't buy gifts for you people from here anymore. The secret is out!

**Just today I found this spread on the Domino Magazine website. I'm not sure why I never got the June/July 2008 issue. I think either B or the postman is trying to sabotage my magazine addiction. Will report back.....


  1. Oh yes, and a good secret it is. Loving her stuff! I am going to have to pur over her blog now. Another night gone.

    By the way, I think I may have to give Domino another try. I'm intrigued...

  2. Sorry for the typo..."pour" was the intended word.

  3. Mag addiction? Here's the thing -- I get two fab foodie mags, one from Australia and one from the UK and ...wait for it ... BOTH have not arrived in my mailbox for two months now. I'm distraught. So before you blame your man, I think we need to have a word with the USPS. Love your blog. Thanks A.Q.F.

  4. I can't wait to check her site out. That outdoor table would be perfect for our cabin!


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