July 10, 2008

It has come to my attention that Sicily is some sort of hot spot right now. The Sunday Times featured it and it is on the cover of this month's Conde Nast. The travel group ThinkSicily is all over the place too. Which has me thinking back a couple of years ago when we were lovely spring.....with one babe, not two......and my, it was a nice time. Let's review, shall we?
This was a view from our little apartment in Pollara on the island of Salina. And yeah, it was something like $30/night. Can I go back right now?Here was a typical lunch we would have sitting on our terrace looking out from said $30/night apartment.Here are my boys looking off into the beautiful Tyrrhenian Sea.Having wine at sunset in Malfa. Although C-Man looks a little displeased.IMG_0423
We also stayed in farmhouses like these with real families.IMG_0422
And real cats to spend lazy afternoons with.
And yes, the streets looked like something out of The Godfather.
With shops that closed for long pause each afternoon.IMG_0588
Of course we hiked and saw beautiful ancient ruins.
And did very important things like give C-Man his first lick of gelato.IMG_0605
And let him chew on real biscotti made by the experts. IMG_0578
But most of all, we loved Sicily for the people -- the warmest you will ever meet in your travels. Here we are with Nino and company....friends I met on a trip ten years earlier while I was still in school...another life ago. It meant so much to bring my husband and baby boy back to this beautiful and welcoming place.


  1. Looks like a wonderful trip. And those chubby cheeks on your little man...SO adorable!

  2. I was hoping to go back to Italy this year. I'd love to visit Sicily and Capri and Rome and everywhere else I've yet to see. I love Italy! Your trip looks lovely...

  3. Sounds great - when do we leave??? Great pictures of the C-Man by the way, had not seen him as a baby before!

  4. Can you believe I have never been? We must go! Great pictures. Love little C.

  5. I miss my baby charlie :(

  6. Hello! I have been following your blog for a couple of months, and was wondering how do you find such a great deal such as $30/night on such a place? I'm not quick on finding such things! Thank you,


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