Prison Break.

July 28, 2008

Folks, there was some reeeeaaaalllllll excitement over here at Green Acres yesterday. Elise and I were inside chatting, drinking espresso, talking makeup, you know, the important stuff. Meanwhile, the boys were outside on a little garden "pick around." {We got that phrase from the darling Jamie Oliver....that's what he calls picking veggies from the garden. Now say it out loud with his British accent. Too cute!!} I peeked out of the bedroom window a couple of times to see the two of them out there frolicking around and noticed the chickens were out doing their "free range" thing. {B just started letting them out of the coop on Saturday. Decided we couldn't exactly do the whole chicken thing and not give them as good or better lives as the commercial ones have, right?} Everything looked copacetic so Elise and I went on doing what we do best. About twenty minutes later, the boys came back in, harried and wide-eyed. Apparently, one of the chickens had broken free, crossed the street and gone into the neighbors (fenced) yard. The neighbor with the BIG dog. B had to run through the yard, across the street, scale the fence and chase down the chicken for about 5 long minutes. What really makes this whole scene truly comical is that he was wearing underwear (black Calvin Klein boxer briefs, for those of you who want the full visual....and to those who don't, well, sorry), a T-shirt and black gardening clogs. WITH SOCKS. I would have given my left something to have seen this happening. All with C-Man on the sidelines cheering them on.

We are seriously discussing moving back to Uptown.


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