My 2-Minute Makeup.

July 28, 2008

I almost titled this "Mom Makeup," but I realized that sounds dangerously close to "Mom Jeans." (See also, this.) Anyway, are you like I am? I am such a sucker for any spot in a magazine or on a website called "2 Minute Makeup," "My Desert Island Products," "Makeup Must-Haves" and the like. They are appealing because: a.) I like lists, b.) I am a mom and have no time to get ready in the morning, c.) I really don't know what I'm doing when it comes to makeup, and d.) most makeup makes me look like a cheap French whore. Thankfully, there are lots of those lists out there. Well, here's mine:

1. Most important, I suppose, is the moisturizer and sunscreen. I can't find the product I like by Solaris anywhere online. Sorry, perhaps check with your esthetician. I absolutely love it. It's not sticky at all.

2. This tinted moisturizer is the best for light, natural coverage that I have ever found. And I've tried lots, lots, lots. You can barely feel it on your skin. "Nude" is just about the perfect match for my skin color.

3. Blush: I can't say enough for this product. Everyone looks a little better with some blush on their cheeks. I rotate depending on the season and my mood. Right now I'm obsessed with this little color montage (in pink rose). Looks pretty bright in the package, but it is just the right amount of pink in my opinion.

Another lovely, but in a cream form is this (in Oleander).

4. This is the most critical component in my opinion: Lip Gloss. Seriously, go find a smokin' shade for yourself and it will make your whole day better. I have so many favorite shades and they change all the time. Here are a few I always come back to: Kiehls Lip Balm in Hue 58B, Bobbi Brown Lip Tint (cherry is a great shade, but all of them are nice) and Lancome Juicy Tube in Miracle (the photo is the clear version...Miracle is the prettiest palest pink imaginable). None of these are sticky, and they are all great natural, but beautiful, colors with just the right amount of shine. The Juicy Tube has tiny little diamond-like specks of shimmer (don't worry, NOT glitter). I like to think all three of these just enhance the natural color of my lips, rather than putting a new, fake color on them. (Random FYI: Other known Lip Gloss Junkies in the blog world... Whoorl and Metalia.)

When I have an extra minute or two, I also like to use a nude eyeshadow (like this -- in bone) to even everything out up there (makes you look more awake) and I curl my eyelashes. I'm not a mascara person unless I'm going out at night -- I have yet to find one that really looks natural and doesn't smear by the end of the day and make me look like I had 3 hours of sleep the night before.
Also, when you need it, I highly recommend (again) Laura Mercier for concealer. Her Secret Camouflage is perfect, and lasts forever.
What about you? When you have just 2 minutes, what do you do?


  1. I use some of the same products as you. I also use: HOOLA bronzer by Benefit (to make me look more alive), Laura Mercier undercover (to conceal the black circles under my works miracles after long nights),and Lancome Paris High Definition Mascara...I probably should spend at least 2 more minutes on my makeup because I still usually look, well, tired momish, but hey, I just don't have the time.

    I love your blog, by the way. It is a daily read. Thanks for updating with such beautiful things.

  2. Thanks, Lucy! I will have to check out LM Undercover -- lord knows I need it!

  3. oh pullease - you need nothing!

    I like Clinque's tinted moisturizer, I have very sensitive skin and it's the only thing I can put around my eyes. I also abhor sticky lip gloss - so maybe I'll try one of these!

  4. YSL concealer (touche eclat or something like that is what it's called) is the best on the planet IMO.

  5. My 2-min. regimen consists of base (hate it but can't go without because of all the lovely blemishes and redness), concealer and blush. I bought the Laura Mercier foundation stick but now wish I had gone with the tinted moisturizer. I was afraid it wouldn't provide enough coverage for said blemishes (which I thought you didn't have to worry about once you passed your teens but apparently that's NOT the case). Laura Mercier blush and Origins concealer which I just bought. Oh yeah, and Origins lip gloss in really rosy. The best thing about it is the tingly, minty flavor it puts on your lips. It's like chewing peppermint gum. Yum!

    Just an aside, since we're both the mothers of wee ones, I was wondering what kind of diaper bag you're carrying? Or are you? I've got a JuJuBe messenger style and hate it. Was looking for some ideas.

  6. I'm obsessed with Laura Mercier concealer however I'm a Bobbi Brown girl for the foundation biz. I think I'm probably one of those moms that does look like the $2-hook because the only thing I have to do is my makeup. For some reason since staying home I can't give it up, I feel like it's my link to the outside world.

  7. My makeup routine takes about 2 minutes every day. :)

    I've never used Laura Mercier before. I've been using Bobbi Brown for the past 5 years and have been happy with her corrector and powder.

    As far as mascara- I've used Clinique's Naturally Glossy since I was in high school. I've tried other brands and they just don't compare. While it isn't natural in ingredients- the look is subtle and doesn't come off throughout the day (unless I cry.) But it also washes off easily, without eye makeup remover which I do not like to use.

  8. I am beyond ADDICTED to the laura mercier tinted moisturizer. totally.

  9. I use the tinted moisturizer by Laura Mercier too and I think it is the best ever, plus it has an SPF, HOORAY!


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