Exactly What I Was Looking For.

July 22, 2008

You know when you have your eye out for something, can't find it, forget about it, and then? Poof. There it is. As you know, over here at Green Acres, we have been looking to get rid of all that evil plastic. But C-Man uses things like buckets and shovels. And they are only available in the plastic variety. That's all Target carries, right? Target= Shrine to All Things Plastic (but I digress). Enter "Dover Parkersburg -- A Basic Supplier Since 1833." Yes, that is what landed in my inbox this morning in the form of an e-newsletter from Apartment Therapy. They carry "necessary utilitarian products....that may not be glamorous, but are guaranteed rugged and durable." Sounds perfect for kids .... or life on the farm. What types of products am I talking about, you might ask? Well, have a look:

These pails are perfect for C-Man to carry all around the yard....water, dirt, little dinosaurs, his "boom booms" (a.k.a. little cars), rocks, bugs, you name it. The stuff little boys always have with them. They would also be nice in the kids' rooms to help organize their collections of little toys. And they cost about $5 a piece.

This watering can would be perfect for C-Man too. He likes to help in "his garden." And again, no obnoxious plastic...just clean, shiny, old-fashioned goodness. Leak and rust-proof too.

Essentials for any party. Realistically, you still need to use those monster ice chests too, but put your pretty drinks and bottles of wine in these instead. BTW, doesn't Pottery Barn sell them for like $108? These are about $35 and are big enough for your baby to play in.

Another party essential. When we were planning our Summer Solstice Party, I was trying to figure out trashcans. I wanted something that looked half-way decent. Theses would have been just the thing.

What a pretty little shovel for cleaning out the fireplace!

Now, this may be pushing it a little, but I just love this galvanized washboard. Lord knows I wouldn't use it, but it might be fun for the kids, no?


  1. I've also seen quite a bit of this stuff at Home Depot and Lowes - I told you I saw the trashcans there. I think we got our drink buckets there too (we have both of those sizes - the big round and oblong) and they cost about 5 dollars!

  2. Although I realize de-plasticizing your kids is your ultimate goal, not all plastics contain BPA, which is the hormone-disrupting chemical that leaches from most clear plastics. With that in mind, you may be interested in these toys I saw reviewed on ZRecommends: http://www.greentoys.com/toys.html . They are made in California from recycled milk jugs.

  3. Yolanda -- Thanks for that link. Those toys look great.

  4. I love galvanized metal. Thanks for the link.


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