Ten Things.

July 29, 2008

Ten Things I'm Really Loving Right Now.....

1. Rachel Pally Sundresses. I love the super soft, stretchy material. Sister Molly turned me on to these. Thanks for the new obsession, sis!

2. Iced Green and White Tea with Mint from Trader Joe's. I don't usually like the "green" taste of green tea (does that even make sense?), but this stuff is great. Plus I feel healthy drinking it.

3. This lotion. Since I have my fear of perfume, this is especially nice to put on. The scent is just lovely and people always comment on it.

4. Butterfly chairs. We just bought two for down by the pool. Comfy, stylish and they don't take up a lot of space.

5. Salt and Pepper Pistachios from Costco. I'm not usually a huge snacker, but these are the perfect afternoon (or late night) nosh.

6. Hydrangeas in mason jars.

7. Mad Men. We aren't big TV watchers over here, but someone told us to get the DVDs and watch the episodes marathon-style. First of all, there is the Hotness That is Don Draper . Also, the study of the time period (late '50s, early '60s) and the psychology of advertising is completely compelling. The fact that it is super stylish and provocative doesn't hurt. We can't wait for the munchkins to go to sleep at night so we can get our Mad Men on.

8. Putting C-Man in these pants with a little white tank.

9. Going in the spa with B after the kids go down. (Although we haven't been doing as much of this since we discovered #7.)

10. Going through Soule Mama's archives. She is truly an inspiration. In fact, the idea for this list came from her.


  1. How funny- I'm posting a favorite things list this week. I should take direction from you though, and make it more concise!

    I'll have to peruse more of Soulemama... her photos look lovely.

  2. I don't even have kids and I like her site! Love making these lists - I was actually thinking about doing one soon too!

  3. Thanks for the inspiration (both with your list and the Soulemama reminder). I might need to get cracking on one myself.

    Also, need to try the tea, love those pistachios, and our hydrangreas are in bloom. I am loving them and will certainly bring you some next time we meet up.


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