B: the Gift Maker.

July 20, 2008

B has always been good about giving gifts. He is a very thoughtful person. When I first met him, I was impressed that he kept what he called a "grab bag" of gifts that were ready to go...perfect for heading over to somebody's house for dinner or a last minute birthday celebration. There were beautiful chocolates, notebooks brought back from Florence, little bottles of limoncello, even pretty soaps.

I am happy to report that his gift giving has just gone to the next level. Get this: Yesterday he told me he needed me to go get some baskets so he could put some vegetables from our garden in them. I didn't ask too many questions. I mean, if a guy asks for a basket, you get it for him, right? He doesn't do this this sort of thing very often. Um, yeah, that would be never. So, I went to Trader Joe's to pick up a few last minute items for our dinner party, found some baskets, came home and promptly got busy cooking, cleaning and taking care of the munchkins. B came into the kitchen awhile later with this:

He had put together gift baskets for both couples who came for dinner last night. Including: a half dozen of freshly-laid eggs, a big bunch of swiss chard, a few lemon cucumbers, some zucchini and a jar of the peach preserves. How cool was that? I think I really, really love my husband.


  1. I'm still waiting for my peach preserves! ;-)

  2. hi - i'm new to your blog (hope that's okay). your life sounds so wonderful - and i think i really, really love your husband too (in a non-stalker, fellow blogger, happily married to my own perfect husband way - hope that's ok too). i love love love those adorable baskets and wish i had a garden full of goodies to gift to my dinner guests! thanks for the inspiration (and the penne with herbs recipe - we are going to try it Thursday night!)

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  4. wow! how do i get to be friends with B?? so cool ;-)

  5. AliceQ: I saved one for you, don't worry!

    A: Thank you so much! Believe me, B needs all the love he can get... :)

    Krista: So glad you liked it!

    Joslyn: Come to SD, and B would be happy to put a basket together for you....seriously. :)

  6. Hi Jora - Is there a picture of your chicken coop in the backyard somewhere on your blog? We are trying to figure one out -

    jenny :)


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