Until I Get My Superpower.

July 23, 2008

Just the other day I was having a fairly random discussion with an old friend: If You Could Have Any Superhero Power, What Would It Be? And I proceeded to come up with an answer very quickly (usually I can never make up my mind about these sorts of things.....) I would FOR SURE love the ability to go back in time and relive past experiences. Not do things better or differently, just relive them for the sake of feeling it all over again. An example might be a favorite childhood camping trip or spending time with a person you have lost (for me, Grandma Grace) or the summer you first fell in love. You get the picture. Wouldn't that be so cool?

Now, I know what you all are thinking: "Where on earth is she going with this? I had that conversation in, like, third grade and then never again." I appreciate your concern. But here's the connection: I found this very intriguing website called "I Hate Perfume," which, surprisingly, sells perfumes. {This should be one of the chapters of my life, by the way. I always want to like perfume, but it never really smells good to me...on me or anyone else for that matter. Except on my 1st grade teacher and on both of my grandmothers.} Anyway, on the site, there is a category of scents called the "Secret History Series.". This is part of the description:

Nothing sparks the memory so powerfully as scent. We know this to be true. One small whiff can tell vividly of a time long gone; perhaps of a moment we thought lost forever yet suddenly, in a flash, we live it again. But these recollections are always a Secret History – no one can truly know them but you. Joseph Conrad was right, “we live as we dream: alone”…The perfumes in this collection all speak of single shining points of time in my own life. But they are a paradox as well – these scents reveal everything about me and at the same time, they can reveal nothing at all. They are like speaking of dreams and so you can only approach them by way of your own experience and make of them what you will. Though we share perfume with those around us when we wear it, still it always tells a very private Secret History. The scents in this collection may tell of mine but when you wear them, they will tell only of yours.

Here are the names of a few of the scents from the Secret History Series: "At the Beach 1966," "Memory of Kindness," "Winter 1966." There are great substantive descriptions of the fragrances as well. And take a look at the apothecary-style packaging:

This just might get me over my fear and loathing of perfume.


  1. I discovered this website a few months ago and was SO tempted to try a few of his "perfumes." I loved all of the names and descriptions, but it seemed a bit dodgy buying a scent based on a name alone! If only I could go to his shop!

    I also hate perfume and generally can only stand a few Aveda fragrances. Let me know if you get any! I'd be very curious as to what they are like... :)

  2. There is an AWESOME site called luckyscent.com that carries all kinds of underground perfumes including this brand and you can buy samples for like $3 to try them out. every few months i order some samples based on descriptions. i am still trying to find my signature scent.

  3. I'm kinda the same way, but I've cottoned to Jo Malone fragrances. I'm picky about them though. I like the lime basil and the amber lavender. I also had a Grandma Grace too btw!


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