I Just Want a Teepee.

July 8, 2008

Some little girls are all about Barbies or ice skating or playing dress-up. It seems all I ever wanted to do was play house and build forts. A little kid-sized residence hidden away from grown-ups where I could pretend to clean and cook was how I liked to spend my days. If I could convince my parents to let me sleep in my forts, I would. My dad built a couple of different playhouses for us, and the sleepovers we would have in them are some of my best memories. That is why I got all lit up when I read this article about a year ago. It seems the new craze in Ibiza is to have your very own teepee. And yes, they had to showcase a woman who is beyond cool and chic setting one up in her backyard in Ibiza. {Seriously, check out this woman's bio: "Serena Cook is the ultimate social connector for the deep-pocketed summer set on this Spanish resort island. A former organic foods chef from London, she runs a concierge service that helps clients, who have included Calvin Klein, Hugh Grant and members of U2, get hold of V.I.P. party invites, prime-time restaurant reservations and desirable villas, which can rent for up to $16,000 a week in July and August." I mean, come on, they must have made that up.} And so, when Serena decided she needed some extra space for guests, she decided to set up a teepee in her backyard and furnish it with a double bed, some Mexican votive candles and a Persian rug. It's an "appropriately down-to-earth and soulful place to crash for the night."

Um, hi, I would have KILLED for a tepee growing up. And so my mind starts racing after reading this article. We could put one in our yard! For the kids! For guests! For me! When I want to get away from it all! And it would sort of go with our whole mid-century modern thing (or so I tried to convince B)! Well, needless to say, B didn't really go for it (not yet anyway), so I sort of filed it away in the back of my brain in the "Should I Ever Deserve A Really Super Huge Impractical Gift" category.

Then, just when I was on to other things....Design Within Reach had to copy my idea (and OK, Serena Cook's too) and get their very own teepee to offer their yuppy customers. But boy, is it cool. Take a look:
Don't you think that would be cool in my backyard? I sure think so. I will get working on B again.


  1. If you put that in your yard, I will come over and live in it! Seriously, you will need to put up a fence.

    We've actually been thinking about getting one of these for a while (before they were "cool!") and we're thinking about getting it here - http://www.coloradoyurt.com/tipis/index.php They're surprisingly affordable!

  2. I would love to see that in someone's backyard. You should definitely get one.

  3. I'm all for any kind of fort or hang out. I love the idea. Now to convince the husband...

  4. I just saw this sleeping bag for kids and thought it would look great with your tepee!

    http://www.comptoirdenfance.com under What's New.

  5. I just have to say to the lawyer turned stay-at-home mom that I am a court reporter turned stay-at-home mom. Don't you just love leaving that behind at least for a while? Anyway, I am going to get my son a teepee for Christmas. He is a year and a half, but I think he will loving having his own getaway. I am always catching him in these very private moments when he doesn't think anyone is watching and he is really working hard on opening something. Now he can do this in the privacy of his own teepee.


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