It's Time to Dress Up That Bathroom.

July 12, 2008

We have talked before about the therapy that is a bath. Now it is time to make the bathroom a special, beautiful, pleasing place. The products in a bathroom are, after all, the accessories that tie it all together (I read that somewhere). So let's choose some, shall we? Meet Carol B. Neiley, the proprietress of Basic French: It's a Lifestyle Thing. Before we go any further, check out Ms. Neiley's description of what it is about French Life that she loves so much.

Now, back to the task at hand. We all know how prolific bath products are.....there are so, so many beautiful, indulgent, lovely items out there to fill your bathroom. Usually they are heavily-scented and can carry a hefty price tag. How about a few things that will really stand out, add to the "escape" aspect of your evening bath and maybe even last awhile? Here are a few of my picks from Basic French (all available here):

For your soap and/or bubble bath, try this line. They have the most amazing, not sickly-sweet scents like fennel, carrot, melon, tomato leaf, parsley and cucumber. Just trust me.

Wouldn't this pumice-stone-on-a-rope look nice hanging from the tub spout? So much better than those wanna-be loofah mitt things that always end up smelling like an old washrag.

While I'm on the whole rope kick, get one of these too. A crystal deodorant (they work great if you haven't tried them) and again, so cool hanging in the bathroom or lying on a shelf.

I got sooooo excited about these when I first saw them on the website. Cute, Frenchy striped toothbrushes? Why hasn't someone else thought of making cute toothbrushes?

Love this no-frills lip balm. I actually keep mine in my purse, but it would look good in the bathroom too.
Another soap option is the classic French-milled soap, but in a cube. Looks a little bit different and feels so good when you're lathering up.

Another bubble bath option, plus a yummy lotion. I love that they look like milk bottles. I have some sort of weird affinity for anything in a milk bottle (maybe I'll show you something else in another post).
I almost forgot one of the most important parts: the candle. Here is Carol's favorite. I'm going to bet it's great.

Now get to it. And after your nice relaxing bath, don't forget to slip into your chemise.

Be sure to check out Basic French's whole website. I have found some amazing gifts and household products on it that I haven't seen anywhere else. If you order by this Tuesday at midnight (EST), Carol is offering a 20% discount. To receive your 20% discount, you must enter promo code BF0708 in the"Comments" section of the Delivery Information page. Don't ever say I don't love you.


  1. oh jora, you have turned me on to another dangerous shopping obsession! i wondered where that delish handsoap in your bathroom was from. now i know! i think i'll try the fig scent.

  2. I tried Crydtal Deodorant and they work great! I got mine at South Coast Shopping and like the spray the best. Tried the roll on and stick and like them too but just have a preference for the spray.

  3. I already have a serious Italian soap addiction.

  4. 180/360: oh, do tell about the italian soaps. i don't knw much about them.


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