The Magic Touch.

July 5, 2008

Don't you just hate those people who go to thrift stores and garage sales and scour craigslist only to come up with the coolest stuff? At ridiculously cheap prices? I know I do. I am just no good at it. It's a combination of a short attention span and the inability to see past all the crap. You know, the old smelly duvets and copies of outdated diet books? I should not complain, however. I have an old friend who has that magic touch in the resale arena that I covet so much and she has been bringing J-Baby the CUTEST baby clothes. You might be thinking: "Hmmf. I wouldn't put my precious munchkin in used clothing. Who knows where that outfit has been!" But a good washing cures everything...or enough to get even me to see the fabulous chicness of these little outfits. For like 99 cents each, I might add. Still not convinced? Only the hippest kid on the entire internet wears thrift store clothes almost exclusively. Here, check out Baby J is these adorable overalls (they have a donkey with two baskets "a la Greece" embroidered on them):

I guarantee no one at playgroup is going to be wearing those next Wednesday. Maybe some other time I'll show you some of the even better stuff my friend is finding. I promise to not hate her as long as she continues to bring these little treasures for J-Baby. Which reminds me, I really need to put in an order for some vintage children's books. I don't even care if they have "Happy Easter, Freddy! Love, Aunt Velma" written in them. Oh, and because I cannot resist, here's another shot....this one of both my munchkins:


  1. I just couldn't turn down the ric-rac and embroidered donkey-wearing-a-hat combo...nothing quite says "subvert the dominant paradigm" like 99 cent baby couture!I'll keep my eye out for vintage books if you'll trade me for a flax oil smoothie :)

  2. I have quite a few vintage children's books. I especially like ones that I remember reading as a child.


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