I'm Off to Morocco.

July 24, 2008

Not really. I wish! I have always wanted to go. Not for any good reason, really. Just because there are these images that have been floating around in my subconscious for years....from movies, books, stories of people who have been there, meals I've eaten, who knows really? I need to see it in person. Soon. Well, that may not be very realistic, but until it is I have these photos to comfort me. This is a house tour of a home in Venice, California (you'd never know it!) belonging to a fashion photographer who wanted to bring a little (or a lot) of Marrakesh to his lifestyle. It is one of the coolest home tours I have ever seen. {As an aside, if you ever have, say, 20 hours to kill, check out the home tours on Apartment Therapy. They are the perfect diversion... made up of equal parts voyeurism, eye candy, and inspiration.} Here's an outside shot.

This is "indoor-outdoor flow" at its purest.

Yeah, that's the kitchen, alright.The kitchen again. Isn't it just unbelievable?Detail of a bathroom sink.Hello there, Master Bedroom of My Dreams.

1 comment:

  1. I've always wanted to go to Morocco. I know I would be in photography heaven there. And this house is amazing! It looks so serene and calming.


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