What ever happened to meal planning mondays? 
I’ve been wondering the same thing. The truth is, i am not inspired right now and eat pasta or cold cereal for dinner far more than i care to admit. I love reading your recipes though! I will get organized hopefully sometime soon.

And cocktail fridays? Can you bring those back?
Just as soon as i can start drinking cocktails again (remember, i have a baby to look after). And let that be very, very soon.

How do you keep your house so clean? 
The photos you’ve seen of it are when it has just been cleaned. I am too vain to let photos be taken when the house is in its typical state. But, one thing that helps in general? Our kids don’t have mountains of toys, and we keep them in the family room and in their rooms.

How do you find time to blog? 
Hmmm. I think i got this question when i used to post more regularly. But blogging really doesn’t take that much time. Reading other blogs takes a lot of time. So my husband should be mad at all of you is all i’m saying. Also, i don’t really watch tv.

How do you do it with 3 little kids? 
Do it? Do what? Not crawl in a cave and cry? Sometimes i feel like doing that, let me tell you. Lots of things don’t get done around here that should, and i try to be ok with that.

Do you miss working? 
As a lawyer? (Resounding) no. Although my current job at home with the kids is much, much harder and I’m not just saying that because every stay at home mom does. It truly is. You cannot understand that until you’ve been here. Moms, can i get a “hell yeah”?!

How did you learn to garden and take care of chickens and keep bees?
B does 99% of that stuff around here. He is self-taught however. Do you guys live in the country? No, we live about 13 minutes from downtown San Diego.

What’s your deal with natural childbirth? 
I always tell people it’s like running a marathon. Some people feel the drive to do it and get huge satisfaction and fulfillment from it. (Let the record reflect i would never run a marathon and i think all of you who do are c-r-a-z-y.) On a more serious note, however, i think a lot of women today in our society are cheated out of a positive birth experience. They are told the pain is awful and all that matters is a healthy baby. Of course, everyone’s priority (far above anything else) is the baby’s health, but a mother’s experience in childbirth should be honored and valued as well. And if you have ever gone through a natural childbirth experience i think you know what i’m talking about.
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