I'm Bringing Nighties Back

June 23, 2008

I'll admit it. I have slipped into the habit of wearing what we call around our house, "scrubbies." You know, the old yoga pants and t-shirt routine? Not very sexy, or even attractive for that matter. Sometimes the outfit is worse, much, much worse..... Lately, however, I've been inspired to dig out all my nighties and wear those around the house. Maybe it's the heat, maybe it's watching too many old movies, maybe it's just that I'm trying to "try" in my marriage, if you know what I mean. But these nighties happen to be the best way to be comfortable, look half-way decent and stay cool. By the way, I am not talking lingerie here -- no itchy Victoria's Secret numbers that pinch and pull at you in all the wrong places. These are comfy, pretty, feminine, but practical little things (and not so short that I can't bend over to pick a screaming toddler off the floor). Also, I think I like calling them "chemises." Sounds so French. Here are some I have my eye on:

This one is so sweet, with its little quilted bandeau top.

I like that this one is made out of T-shirt material, and is cute enough to look like a sundress!

This appeals to the old-fashioned housewife in me. And the little drawstring at the waist helps things get cinched in a bit, which most of us can benefit from, right?

I'm really liking the look of this caftan. Plus, I'd just love to be able to say, "Let me slip into my caftan."

Here is a good classic style. I like it in the color "milk."

I have loved American Apparel for a long time. It got me through two pregnancies without making me look like a matronly tented blob. This slip works as a nightie or as a beach cover-up. You can also wear it over leggings if you are into that 80's look.

Now go get yourself a chemise right now! Your kids, husbands, housemates, roommates, whatever, will thank you!


  1. How did I know that half of these are from my favorite store... Anthropologie? :)

    I really should make more of an effort in the nighttime apparel dept. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Yes, duly noted! I have whipped a few nighties out lately. The hot weather helps.

    I am inspired to acquire a few new numbers though. Thanks!

    Now, what to do if you want to lounge in said attire but may not only be in the company of your honey?

    I'm in search of a good, lightweight, wrap--not the heavy robe I have or the satin relic from a decade ago.... Ideas?

  3. Hi Jor,

    Great minds... it seems I'm trying to do the same lately (remember our conversation last week :-) ). I actually tried the first one on a couple weeks ago and it is adorable. It would look great on you! xo, Elise

  4. 180/360: I know, it is hard not to love everything at Anthropologie!!

    Mama BJ: actually, I tried to include a link to this robe (http://www.oldnavy.com/browse/product.do?cid=38953&pid=566315&scid=566315012) in the post, but I kept having problems! Check it out.

    Lise: Let's go check some of those out in person when you are here! Can't wait. xoxo

  5. Any of these nighties would surely be better than my 5-year-old sweats!

    p.s. As a special thanks for posting about Farmhouse Wares, I've tagged you on my blog. you're it!

  6. I LOVE that first nightgown. I saw it in the store and considered buying it to wear as a dress! It's super cute.


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