Just Trying to Improve the Everyday.

June 28, 2008

I am always looking for ways to make the ordinary things in life a little more elegant. Sometimes the ideas come from other people or the pages of a favorite magazine, but many times they come to me when I travel....there is something about the fresh perspective you get when you are away from home, especially in a completely different culture. I was lucky enough to live for a short time in Italy, and with a woman who was an artist. She was an incredible cook (lots of recipes to share here sometime), but I most enjoyed her personal style and flair for Italian life. One small thing she did was keep a simple, yet beautiful capped bottle of water cooling in her refrigerator at all times. The bottle was functional, yes, but elegant enough to slide onto the table beside her delicious food, fresh flowers, and bottles of wine. The cool water somehow tasted better being poured from that glass bottle than it does from a plastic bottle or even a pitcher. I found one just like Verita's awhile back at Sur la Table and have been using it ever since. I wouldn't even think to mention it here, but people always comment when I pour them a glass of water from it. Again, it is just a little something special serving an ordinary, everyday purpose. {Sur la Table's website sells the bottles in a set of 4. The bottles would be beautiful with juice or wine in them as well.}


  1. Thanks for the source. It is a very nice touch for guests. Thanks for a lovely time with your family.

  2. genius! i missed you yesterday - becoming a little obsessed with your blog!

  3. I love using nice bottles for water or homemade dressings. I am envious that you lived in Italy with an artist. That was a dream of mine...

  4. GREAT and simple. This is another item I must have. Boy you are keeping me busy. But I LOVE it.
    Thanks once again.


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