Dealing With This Heat

June 22, 2008

Are you like I am? I'm always looking for something comfortable and cool for my kids to sleep in when it's blazing hot like this. {I like to put them in something more than just a diaper because I worry they'll tug it off when they're sleeping....and well, I REALLY can't be bothered to change and wash sheets in this weather.} I have found the perfect solution. Ecoland has super basic organic cotton underthings for babies, toddlers and grown-ups. Whole Foods has sold their stuff for a couple years now, so C-Man lives in these get-ups all summer the long....that is, when he is not running around "au naturel." I just love the little cotton undies and tanks -- not too loose, not too tight, and they come in just white and "natural." The bottoms can be used over a diaper as well. Simple, comfortable, cool, perfect. Now I'm going to have to try a set in my size. Excuse me while I go dunk my head in a bucket of ice water.

1 comment:

  1. Honestly- at first glance I thought this was for an adult! :) I don't know- an adult onesie might be cozy, too.


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