Jessica Seinfeld Has Nothing on Me

June 20, 2008

So, I never really got into the whole "Deceptively Delicious" and "Sneaky Chef" style of cooking for kids. I admit the idea of sneaking veggies into my unsuspecting toddler's food is intriguing, but I don't want C-Man to think he's gotten away with not eating veggies. Plus I am lazy. I don't want to spend my Sunday evening prepping, steaming, pureeing and freezing vegetables, just to make him separate meals from us all week long. {And I'm sorry, I know Jerry likes the brownies and all, but I don't really want to eat that food. I want real, grown-up brownies. With bittersweet chocolate and espresso powder in them.}

But. I have been making J-Baby all sorts of baby food (because that's all she can eat at this point, after all), so I happen to have lots of cubes of veggies in the freezer right now (more on that later). So...the other day I was making C-Man one of his smoothies, which normallly consists of frozen bananas, goat milk and flax oil. Sometimes I will add other fruit if I have it on hand. He loves these things. And there was this frozen butternut squash looking at me. So I threw in a cube. And Charlie gulped it up. And you know what? I felt like such a sneaky little deceptively delicious! I am going to be adding frozen steamed golden beets to his smoothie today. Shhhh. Don't tell him.


  1. I had frozen bananas and protein powder this morning for breakfast, but this makes me feel like an amateur! ;-)

  2. i am excited for the baby food post! maia's new fave is peaches. would love to get some more ideas.

  3. We've actually succumbed to a few of Jessica's recipes and have liked them. She talks about how you need to educate the kids and give them veggies (in plain site) with their meal too. I choose to view it as we are simply ENHANCING (wink) their food--like when we add flax, etc. I have to say, David and I are licking our bowls with the cauliflower (and cream cheese) mac and cheese. Not low fat but yummy in our book.

    Love the smoothies ideas.

  4. Your blog is AWESOME! I LOVE all of your ideas/suggestions and of course... RECIPES! But, you already know all of this! I think this is a great outlet and am soooo lucky and grateful that it's available to me ALL THE TIME! I'm bummed we missed the Summer Solstice Party... but, am looking forward to marking my calendar for next year!! ;-)
    Keep up the good work! (Where do you find the time?!)
    You are an inspiration!


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