Salt Water Sandals

June 16, 2008

Like so many moms, I am pretty picky about what my kids wear.
I want my kids to be comfortable, the clothes need to be practical, reasonably priced, preferably made from quality materials, and of course, they have to look fabulous. My idea of fabulous is different from other people's ideas....I like them to look like kids (not the mini-adults so many places are after....are you listening BabyGap?), a little old-fashioned, and please, no logos!!! My absolute favorite kids line is Flora and Henri, but it is just too darn expensive for everyday. One would think I am not being too picky, but it is hard to find simple, classic clothes for kids. Moms, can I get a hell yeah?
I was recently reminded of Salt Water Sandals. My sisters, brother and I grew up in these sandals. They are the quintessential summer shoe is my mind. Simple, old-fashioned design, but somehow modern to my eye as well. They are virtually indestructible (they are obviously designed to be worn even in the ocean!) and go with most all kid's summer clothes. Sort of the cooler, understated precursor to Crocs (plus, these sandals don't recall goofy German tourists). Needless to say, I think C-Man will be in these all summer long. Best part? No Diego or Dora the Explorer!!


  1. I like the 'surfer' style. I want to get the red for Anna but may settle on classic white. Check out


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