New Nonchalant Kids.

October 9, 2008

You already know my admiration for Nonchalant Mom. Maybe you are a fan too. She just came out with her new fall collection and I must say, I am deeply, deeply in love. Her kids clothes are so unique and perfect. The real basics, if you will. I especially have a thing for her vests. They would be perfect for our very mild "winters."

Here's the big bonus: "Most of the fabrics are certified organic and vegetable dyed (not the prints and the corduroy), the fleece is recycled, and the yarn is from Nebraska and the vests are knitted here in our studio by a RISD student. The collection was produced in the USA and is totally sweatshop free!"

Buy the line here.


  1. So charming! Not to mention that I want a pair of wide leg pants like that for myself :)

  2. How wonderful! I love the vest also!!!! Now I just need to hurry up and have kids to put in them... can I buy the clothes hoping that the kids will come later?

  3. CitySage: I know -- I want those pants too!!

    The Mangerchine's: Yes, you are allowed to do that. I certainly did. ;)

  4. I need those in my size to truly become a non-chalant mom. love that blog and the ginger thing for when your kids are stuffy....great tips, nice remedies with style.


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