Family Home Tours.

October 24, 2008

I am totally and completely hooked on the home tours that Cookie Magazine features on their Nesting Blog. I guess it is the combination of family friendly design with real style that appeals to me. Check out this house from Denmark:

Another awesome, simple, utilitarian, yet still warm, kitchen. I love the rows of spices in little glass jars, don't you? If I did that, it would just look cluttered.

Perhaps the most darling nursery I've seen to date.

Another shot of the nursery....isn't that the sweetest little changing table? And that sunny and cheery!


  1. i love the feel of that kitchen. you've described it perfectly and i would totally be pumped to eat a big bowl of cereal in there!

  2. agreed ~ i'm totally obsessed with the nesting blog home tours. my favorite part of this one was the color coded bookshelf...organized colors....sigh...heaven.

  3. Oh no. Another home blog to drool over. I can't get enough of home tours and that kitchen is lovely.

  4. I also love those glass jars! I love nesting- My ellie roller toy was on there this week and I was overcome! swoon. They are my fave!

  5. Ooh, the rocking chair in the corner of that nursery is gorgeous- such exquisite lines but it looks comfy too! Those Danes sure know a thing or too about making a house a home...


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