Making Us Happy.

October 23, 2008

This song is making us very happy this morning.

C-Man: "Again, mama! Play it again!"


  1. Love it! Who is it? It's so spunky and great for dancing in the morning!

    How do you stay in touch with new music, Jora? I find that my musical horizons are no broader now than they were 10 years ago...and you certainly can't find out about great new stuff by listening to the radio anymore...

  2. City's called Bruises by Chairlift. (It's on a new iPod commercial.) I don't have a real system for finding new music -- I just keep a couple of closely held advisors who keep me in the know. :) I wish I knew of a couple of good blogs about music, but I don't.

  3. Oh I am tapping my toes along to this right this second! Love it! I'm with the C-Man - again! again!

  4. Some of my favorite music I learn about on their commercials of late. They are just the coolest company...



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