October 17, 2008

I don't have much for you today. Until I come up with something better, here are a couple of random shots Dustin took at the house during the photoshoot. (I hope you don't mind I took them off your flickr page, Dustin.)

C-Man checking everything out from above in the living room. (This would be one of those "Hey Girls! Watch this!" moments.)

After C-Man convinces me to take him downstairs for a closer look at the action.

A peek of the model in the pool. I like the way he took this looking through the tree.

The model again. She looked so much like Catherine Zeta Jones. But prettier. Younger too.

The work table. Lots of Starbucks going on.

The photogs taking a break.

Our trees. They know it's fall.


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  2. wow, look at that view! so gorgeous, thanks for sharing!

  3. I can't get over your house! These pictures are great. And a huge table filled with iced coffee and piles of makeup? That looks like fun.

  4. i love that shot of you with the kids...cute dress over jeans! where did you get that dress...i think i might have to have it ;-)

  5. Joslyn....it's so funny. When I posted that picture of me w/ the kids I thought of you and your love of dresses over jeans! It's an American Apparel dress (big surprise, huh?) It's made out of nice soft thin cotton. http://store.americanapparel.net/rsas313.html

  6. Jora - I LOVE your home. We have a really similar aesthetic. I call mine simple/classic/modern/organic. : ) I adore the cacti plants you have, the one outside and the one potted indoors. If you have a minute could you let me know their name, if you know it. Thanks!

  7. windeopenspaces: they technically aren't cacti (I thought they were too). They are called Euphorbia ingens or Candelabra plant. Hope that helps! I think they are fairly common.


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