Nixon and Leica.

October 14, 2008

Yesterday was very interesting here at Green Acres. Our BIL Ryan has a cousin Dustin (well, sort of a cousin) who works as a designer for Nixon. (Try to keep up here.) Anyway, Nixon was looking for somewhere to take some photos for their next catalog and Dustin asked if they could use our house. (Of course we were flattered and of course we said yes.) Everything was pretty normal for me, B and the kids while the Nixon folks were here...going about our day....except for the fact our family room was packed with racks of clothes, boxes of watches, hats, bags, other accessories and C-Man kept following the model and the stylists around. "Hey Girls! Watch this! [insert stupid, er, charming kid trick]" It didn't hurt that the girls totally fawned all over him and made him think they were there just for him.

B and I learned a little (a lot?) about how un-cool and out of touch we are. (But not old! We did not! feel! old!) There were lots of skinny jeans and vintage accessories and iPhones every time I turned the corner. You get the picture. But it was so inspiring to watch the creative process in real time. The photographers working with the design people working with the stylists... It's all sort of foreign to me considering my background. I can't wat to see the photos.

But the one item I fell madly, truly, deeply in love with for some reason was a little German point-and-shoot camera by Leica that Dustin was playing around with. (I liked some of the Nixon watches and accessories too, but the camera is what really got to me.) I know I'm not supposed to say that considering I just got a new camera, but still. It was. So. Freaking. Cool.
Look how simple and old-school. Very few buttons. And one of those little square pop-up flashes. Dustin told me it's just like the one his grandfather had way back when.

And it comes with this really cool leather case with a long strap so you can wear it across your body. Also, just like Dustin's grandfather had.

Even the logo is cool!

It would totally go with my vintage accessories and skinny jeans. (Oh yeah, I might need some of those too...bootcuts: I still heart you!!)


  1. If you think the Leica is good.
    Check out this little guy:

    Now thats a good looking camera.

  2. Hey girls! Where are you going??? That kid cracks me up. ;-)

  3. A Leica would be a dream - sadly, they all seem to be out of my budget. But I still feel free to drool over them.
    I'm not surprised they wanted your house for a photo shoot - it's gorgeous!

  4. Alright, now that I cannot get this Camera out of my head, I am so going for it. I have been eyeing this baby and saw it in the Paul Smith Store. Thanks for the push, it is this or the Nikon. Love Leica.

  5. What a fun behind the scenes! I always love getting a sneak peak into the world of image making...I'm totally one of the local yokels who stops and stares when there's a movie shooting in my neighbourhood. Be sure to let us know when the pics come out!

    And yes, that camera is super stylin---not to mention how awesome that little leather case is!


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