Is This Really Necessary?

October 8, 2008

I found myself ordering underwear for B the other day (because that's what a dutiful wife does, right?), and I couldn't believe the photos of the male models. I guess they are so "exaggerated" because men hate to shop so much they have to believe they look like this in order to buy a pair of underwear? And that we see them this way when they are brushing their teeth in the morning? Help me out here.

And yes, that last style has a "profile enhancing trunk." In case you were wondering.

All photos by His Room.


  1. Haha. I was really confused about that 3rd one. Now I am confused as to whats in it as enhancement.

    Oh my.

  2. HA! Sooo funny... it also falls on me to buy underwear for my hubby. I also bought him the calvin boxer/trunk for years but we just switched to a similar model by ralph lauren. I think he didn't care, but after 7 years I was ready for a change:-) Especially nice bc the cotton is thicker and they come in a beautiful navy blue... just incase you wanted to try something new!

  3. Please consider this to be my final request to you and my wife to stop posting pictures of me on your blog. I consider this to be a serious breach of "What stays on the Mountain" etiquette.

    Editor in Chief
    What the F**K is Really Going On?


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