Ryan the Superstar.

October 7, 2008

People often ask about our landscaping...whether it be neighbors or friends who come for a visit. When we bought the house last year, the yard was a total water guzzling mess. We wanted to switch over to a low maintenance design (for us... future generations... and for our water bill!) -- sort of what we understood to be xeriscape. Our very talented (and generally awesome) brother-in-law Ryan pulled our large and varied grounds together (we were busy remodeling and packing and giving birth to babies, as you might recall). We love how everything turned out. Here are a few pics:

Since he helped us, Ryan has become a star; getting a lot of attention around town and accolades in the industry for his design and install work. He has won many awards, including at the Del Mar Fair this year. The display at the Fair was prepared in just a couple of days. All the big landscape companies were there. Ryan beat them all, winning "Best in Show" (and a bunch of other awards). Take a look:

As you can see, his style is very clean, modern, and sleek. His focus is xeriscape, but he is very knowledgable in other areas as well. Although, at the risk (ok, KNOWLEDGE) of sounding preachy, NO ONE in the Southwest should be putting in anything but xeriscape with our water situation. In fact, if you switch over now to xeriscape, you will actually be saving money in the not-too-distant future (and easing your social conscience). Informercial Over.

OK, a bit more: Ryan may just be the absolute nicest and most honest person you ever will encounter. I can see why my sister picked him. And oh yeah, did I mention he is an unbelievably talented artist? He sketched this of C-Man .... in just a couple of hours!!
Email Ryan: ryanprange@hotmail.com. He also has a website he can share with you.


  1. Absolutely beautiful...natural and chic. Saving his info and sharing with my SD friends!

  2. We definitely need to consult with him about doing the front part of our yard. Xeriscape is the only option - that and edible!

  3. a killer landscape architect and someone that can whip out an awesome sketch of the baby! a total find.

  4. your house, your children, you kitchen, your child protection on the stairs... they are all beautiful... so it comes as no surprise that your garden is beautiful too! seriously... you really should think about opening a b&b, looks like you have the chops to make a good one! :-)

  5. PeonyPark: Thanks! I'm glad you can see his talent. I wasn't sure it would comletely come through in the photos...

    AliceQ: Yes, of course, edible is the other option. :)

    Joslyn: I agree! A total find (esp. for my sister!)

    The Sweet Life: Geez, thank you so much, but honestly, Ryan had so much to do with how everything turned out on the outside. Seeing it in person is even better.... He's very talented!


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