Cute Little Stamps For Your Cutie Pie.

October 24, 2008

Stick this in your "Under $20 Gift File." What? You don't have one? Well, you better make one, because you'll want to remember this. I don't know one mother that doesn't want to teach her child to write sincere and thoughtful thank you notes. With all the gift-giving that comes with having a child, surely the least that you and child can do is send a nice note, right? These custom name stamps will get your child in the mood. I have never met a kid isn't stamp-happy. Geez, C-Man could do it all afternoon.
Choose the image that most resembles your child (oh yeah, I see C-Man alright!), or send in a photo.


  1. Love these stamps, I want one for Fiona.

  2. These are great! I'm totally getting them.

  3. Ordering now! Love them. Great for gifts.


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