Check Out New AliceQ.

October 21, 2008

No doubt you already know about my good friend AliceQ (if you have been here before). She is, among other things, the quintessential foodie and party thrower extraordinaire. I am lucky enough to live down the street from her now, so I get surprised with all sorts of homemade goodies delivered to my front door. Plus she is just one cool chick. She just started a new blog...because apparently a girl can't live on food alone. She must have clothes and makeup and art and beautifully designed things too. (We already knew that!) Check it out. She has been posting from NYC this week. (Did I mention I live vicariously through her while I am at home schlepping groceries and wiping baby bums?)

p.s. She even did a little custom post for me (and my love of Airstreams)!

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