For Your Little "Helper."

October 10, 2008

Are you like I am? Do you have a little helper around the house, only it doesn't really help you much? C-Man is big into helping cook, clean, etc., which of course we want to encourage, but a lot of times, it's impractical or we're in a hurry or whatever. Lobotome posted about the coolest company that sells real household items like brooms and whisks and rakes, but in a child's size. They are not meant to be toys, but rather real versions of these items we use everyday. That way the kids actually learn something and may even (gasp!) end up actually helping out. Check out a few of the items:This is my personal favorite: a wooden laundry scrub board, a basket, wooden clothesline and small clothespins.

C-Man loves to use one of these mini spice grinders at the Waldorf School -- they grind up sesame seeds to put on their lentils.

Mops, brooms, rakes, shovels...everything your little man (or lady) needs to help out. Again, these things are designed to actually work!

C-Man uses a little pitcher like this at school too. He loves to serve himself (and everyone else).

Some kid-sized work gloves for C-Man to help B in the garden.

Buy everything here.


  1. love this company- we get the catalogue and have ordered many things- they are lovely!

  2. good of you to start em early. I find men with a handle on the "chores" to be perfect.

  3. these are so great! the kiddo loves to help fact, he'skind of a neat freak (SO unlike his messy parents!)


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