A Corner For Dressing Up.

October 29, 2008

C-Man is just now getting into the dress-up phase. "Look, mama! I'm a king!"... "I'm a BIG SCARY MONSTER!"... "Now I'm a princess!" (We know he doesn't care about those gender labels yet.) So, when I saw the dress-up area that Soule Mama set up for her kids, I got all excited. Wouldn't it be fun to have all of these pieces organized and ready to go for your kids? Soule Mama is the one that had that super cool kitchen area set up, remember?


  1. I seriously have to learn how to do more with wood. I have wanted to make my kids a little kitchen like that forever.. Adorable..

  2. I LOVE that blog. It is very inspiring...gets me motivated on all those things I thought I never had the time or skills to attempt.


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