It's Not Too Late For a Paul Newman Post, Is It?

October 7, 2008

I didn't think so. I know it happened more than a week ago, but for some reason I keep thinking about him. I saw lots of beautiful photos and video clips of him over the past week (no doubt you did as well). Here are my two favorites:

via what possessed me

via now voyager


  1. Wow. It's amazing to realize that such a gorgeous looking man--almost unbelievably so--was also such a good person. I'm glad he was so giving of himself all of those years. We were lucky to "know" him. But, ugh: I can't stop thinking about his his poor wife. What a loss for her.


  2. I loved him, he seemed like a real man. Thanks for sharing the handsome picture of him .

  3. it's definitely not too late. that bottom photo is one of my all time favorites.

  4. Very sad. Paul is from my hometown Westport CT and was always very nice and down to earth. I saw him race a few times up at Lime Rock and he sure could drive.


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