Would Anyone Care For a Cordial?

October 1, 2008

Aren't these bottles of cordials pretty? The flavors sound amazing: raspberry & rose, gooseberry & mint, blackberry & apple.... The company started out as a fruit farm, but when the founder's wife started infusing, pressing and cooking fresh flowers, fruits and spices and making cordial, the company went in a new direction. The website recommends diluting the cordial with still or sparkling water. But I know what you're thinking. These would make mighty fine cocktails. I agree.


  1. not only do these all sound delicious, but the packaging is adorable as well!

  2. I just love the packaging and am so excited to taste these! The flavors sound wonderful!

  3. They had me at the packaging and then I saw the flavors and then I saw that they don't believe in using artificial ingredients.....brilliant. I've bookmarked their site to check out in more detail later. Thanks!

  4. that takes me back to anne of green gables, when anne meant to give diana cordial for her hiccups and accidentally gave her brandy instead. and then diana's mother forbade the bosom buddies to see one another....oh the tragedy!

    anne of green gables was pretty much a staple in the zulauf household. remember that, big sis?


  5. These look to-die for not to mention they would look lovely on a bar cart.


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