Jayne at Farmhouse.

October 2, 2008

Last night we had an impromptu night out. These things don't happen very often. With two kids, there are arrangements to be made and reinforcements to be bribed... I mean brought in. C-Man decided to spend the night at my parents (no arguing with him there). And because we must have done something right in our lives, we are blessed to have a a very responsible 16 year-old who loves kids live directly across the street from us. She was able to come over to watch Baby J (on just a couple of minutes notice), so we snuck off and went to Farmhouse Cafe....a place we've been frequenting (if you can call it that) on our rare nights out. We sat at the bar and had very excellent food and wine, per usual, but the unexpected delight was sitting next to Jayne and Jon (of Jayne's Gastropub down the road). We chatted all through dinner and drinks and feel like we did it with old friends (even though we've met them only a few times when we've gone to their restaurant).

I checked out Jayne's revamped website (now, actually a blog) and I'm excited to get there again sometime soon. There are lots of new options on the menu -- everything seasonal, thoughtful, straightforward, with a bit of flair. Jayne and Jon told us about their new "resident sommelier" Jeremy and he sounds like someone we'd like to hang with....

Check out Jayne's Gastropub here. And Farmhouse Cafe here.


  1. Jora, great post... We're looking forward to seeing you at Jaynes. I'll definitely be working the floor on Saturday night so please do come and see us! Best wishes, Jeremy "resident sommelier"

  2. I will put these on my to-try list for the next time we're in San Diego.

  3. We really need to get back there soon - it's been a while since we've been to Jayne's! (And Farmhouse, for that matter) John and Jane are so cute - they just got married a couple of weeks ago!

  4. do bianchi: Thanks for checking in. We will try to come on a weekend you are there!

    Sarah: maybe we can come with next time you are in town. :)

    aliceq: we got to hear all about the wedding and honeymoon....sounded lovely.

  5. ooh i am definitely trying this next time i'm in san diego. looks amazing!

  6. we love jaynes and farmhouse! the burger at jaynes is one of the best in town and her brownie is to die for!

  7. Jora,

    We had a great time hanging out with you and B at FH. You were both very charming company. We're about to head out on what should be another epic SF trip(I just got back from a food, wine and action packed 48 hour jaunt) Will report back.

    Great blog!


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