Fall Party, Anyone?

September 9, 2008

OK, so I realize I can't just copy all of Black Eiffel's finds on this here blog, but she has such great taste and always finds the best stuff... I can't help myself! Take this Autumnal Wedding from Brides Magazine. Let's take a little photo tour, shall we?

Now, I know a lot of you are big fans of summer out there, but I. Heart. Fall. More than any other season. The light. The smells. The cooking. The colors. (Even in Southern California you can detect a change! Really!) How many of you would like to be invited to a wedding (or better yet, a party celebrating the beginning of fall) in a barn in the middle of an apple orchard? With a path of straw leading up to the muslin draped doors? I thought so.

Be still my beating heart. A rustic farm table offering hot apple and pear ciders served in pewter goblets, accompanied by cinnamon sticks and pumpkin and sugar doughnuts will surely take the chill off an autumn day. Here, have a seat at one of these beautiful tables.

While you're at it, have a steaming cup of butternut squash soup with raisin-and-pecan pumpernickel crostini. Don't mind if I do.

As one of the lucky guests, you are going to be sent home with some caramelized cranberries packed in mini galvanized pails. Did I just say galvanized pails?

Oh look! There go our hosts, Jora and B!

All photos by Ross Whitaker.


  1. This looks like a perfectly amazing wedding theme. I would have loved to have done something so rustic and elegant!

  2. Beautiful! I was just thinking earlier this morning that I want to have a fall garden party. :)

  3. Gorgeous! Fall weddings are my cup of tea that's for sure.

  4. Picture a fall party like that at an apple orchard in New England. Ahhhh... You know how much I detest the cold weather, but early fall is my favorite time of year here and what you described is exactly why. The air smells crisp and light and the sun slants just so through the trees as the leaves start to change colors. It really is pretty spectacular. Just as long as it hovers near 60, it's just about perfect. You would love it Jora. Come visit!!!!

  5. OK, if you must throw a fall party like that, I guess I can find it within myself to attend. Just please save me a seat in that getaway car. Sublime!


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