Must. Share. Link.

September 17, 2008

OK, one more thing before I go....the sweet life with olives just posted the coolest link! Upload a photo and turn it into a pencil sketch. I love this!


  1. this is incredibly cool. what a great find.

  2. Wow!!!I am having way to much fun with this..They look cool framed..

  3. I've changed pictures into coloring pages (similar) for the kids--which is very fun. But this is fun for me!

    Uh oh, I can feel it sucking me in. Photos and post-production is a dangerous combination for me.

    Thanks for the link. Love it!

  4. I adore this - had so much fun I shared it with the brides who read my blog. What a great idea for a Save the Date or Thank you note, table cards, etc! LOVE your blog. Love this post! Thanks for sharing.


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