Living the Dream.

September 18, 2008

Did you catch Lindsay Larick's interview over at Design*Sponge? I felt completely inspired when I read it...someone who followed her dream, lives a creative life and does it all with such style! Here are the basics: Lindsay bought a 1956 trailer, remodeled it, and now sells "gourmet snowcones" out of it. The idea may not have flown with all the left brain people in her life, but after seeing these pictures, I know I would stop and order one of those Espresso Mexican Cane Sugar cones.... {Her other flavors are: Lemon Prickly Pear, Blackberry Lavender, Watermelon-Basil, Lime Mint, Ginger Rose and Agave Hibiscus (no sugar!).} Take a look!

The adorable little trailer!

How cute is this interior?

These are bottles of the syrups made from fresh fruit and herbs from Lindsay's garden.


  1. How inspiring! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yummmmm..My granny lives in KS, I think it might be time for a trip..

  3. I am all about looking for a trailer. So cute! Very inspiring, do you think I could hawk cupcakes out of one of those? My own little covered cupcake courier?

  4. This reminded me I haven't been checking Design Sponge enough- so I got on there tonight to absorb all of the beauty. I found a perfectly weathered teak chaise for my house. Now I just need to find where to get one!

    PS. That trailer is out of control cute!

  5. That is a dream. I used to drink that syrup all the time in Switzerland and can't find a recipe online, do you know of one?


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