The Dilemma of the Family Photos.

September 3, 2008

B is a big anti-family-photo-display person. He's OK with a few artsy shots in carefully chosen spots around the house, but he generally dislikes -- OK, can't stand -- big displays of family photos hanging on the walls or in frames displayed on every available tabletop. Finicky, you might say. I tend to share his sentiment, but I LOVE photos of my peeps. So, we are always going back and forth on what is "display worthy." Apparently, the people at Domino tend to agree with B as they have pediodically highlighted a few creative and classy ways to incorporate photos into your home, while politely discouraging big living room tributes to formal family portraits. Here are a few of my favorite ideas. I'm hoping B likes them too.

This is my favorite. I love how the simple frames are all anchored together to form a single statement-y unit. The solid blocks of color mixed in give it a little design sense too. Love that pillow, by the way.

I've seen this idea somewhere else before. The bathroom seems like the perfect place for a photo display. That's where your guests actually have a moment to look at the walls. We don't have a bathroom where this would work, unfortunately.

This haphazard bulletin board display is sort of the antithesis of the posed family portraits that B doesn't like. This is so fresh and spontaneous feeling.


  1. Not sure if this this idea is display-worthy in your home but we really like it ours...I took a frame I loved, backed it with some cool fabric and added ribbon. I use that to put my favorite current shots (you can just slip it in and out without commiting to a framed photo) and update it regularly.

    It's fun to add seasonal pictures from last year's Halloween, etc. And you can make it fit your home. It allows you to keep a good amount of pictures in one spot instead of on every surface, which might be a good compromise with you and B???

    Disclaimer: You must know, I am a big photo person. I like intersting pictures of our family throughout the house. Not on every surface but probably in every room.

  2. I like that first one the best. I'm terrible about displaying photos- which seems funny since I have about 5 million around me at all times.

  3. i love all these ideas...and that lamp in the third shot is gorgeous!


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