Does Everyone Else Already Know About Playmobil?

September 15, 2008

I recently found this line of toys and I get the feeling I'm sort of the last to know ..... I'm like that about some things. Playmobil is a German company makes the coolest (and kinda weird) playsets based on what seems like hundreds of themes. Is your kid into space, dolls, pirates, ponies, circuses, amphibious vehicles, goldmines, barbarians, hedgehogs, ancient Romans, construction sites, dock workers, sanitation crew members, hot dog stand operators (I'm not even making this up)? Playmobil's got it! But! They don't have any pop culture themes! How refreshing. I can't take anymore Thomas the Train and Dora. I feel like crying just thinking about it.

And if you think those themes I just mentioned are kind of "wacky" (as C-Man likes to say at the moment), try reading about some of the themes that weren't so popular and were discontinued. (Those Germans sure have an....interesting.... sense of style, no?).

For C-Man, I really like this chicken coop (of course).
And these garden boxes.

This family vacation home...
and a super cool family camper .

Don't tell her, but this is what I'm getting AliceQ. If you don't know her in real life, her dream is to retire in Humboldt County and raise goats and make cheese. (Hi, I'll be in the French Riviera sunning myself.)


  1. Just found you via Sarah's fab day and I LOVE your blog too. Especially love how you include recipes and daily life and inspiration, travel shots etc... super fun. I actually live in Italy, so I totally relate about appreciating certain aspects of 'la dolce vita'. I can also see lots of similarities between your California living and my life here. fun!

  2. Bought the whole line of the pirate theme a few years ago for a little guy in the family. Loved them!

    Ha! on the gift for Aliceq. While Humbolt sounds idyllic, I'm with ya on the Riviera option.

  3. Aaah, yes, Playmobil! My son was really into them for a long, long time but now he's more into Legos (he's 8). We have more Playmobil men than I care to count and my daughter has a few princesses and milk maids (or something). The pirate ship seems to be really popular and he had a lot of medieval guys with castles and about a million accessories to go with each. I wanted to get the hospital for my daughter but it's hard to find. All in all, I'd highly recommend Playmobil; they've been great fun.

  4. the sweet life: welcome! i want you to be our resident italian correspondent!

    foodiechick: hmmm....humboldt county....french it even close?

    kellyt: since the pirate set is so popular, i may have to start with that... :)

  5. I had loads of it when I was a kid, my mom dated a guy that worked for a toy manufacturer. Can you say, "spoiled"?

  6. Jora - found you VIA EmilyStyle.

    Our family's fave thing about playmobil is that the people all sort of have the same look. So the kids all play with it together. They have EVERY set imaginable - so the Princesses swing a mace and chain at the Dinosaur Exhibit folks, and the pirates swaddle the Lord Baby Jesus, and Santa Claus and the Three Wise Men help out on Hazmet Duty. It's quite hilarious what the kids come up with.

    Even check out Playmobil Jr. - larger toys that don't come apart - so that babies 18 months+ can play too.

    LOVE Playmobil and LOVE your blog.

  7. Search for Playmobil on flickr and enjoy the best slideshow of all time, at least according to my 22-month-old "guy"-loving daughter! Cheers

  8. My daughter is almost 9 and she love love LOVES PLaymobil! She even use her pocket money to buy them - she *lets* us get other things :P My hsuband used to play with them as a child and has an extensive collection and they are now passed to her and eventually her baby brother.

    I really love your blog!

  9. These are my favorite toys. I ended up getting the victorian house when I was a kid, but before then I'd just throw a comforter up in the air and however it landed would be the house for them. It is my goal to one day make an entire city out of playmobils, though.


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