Long and Lean.

September 23, 2008

A few days ago I was rummaging through the bottom drawer of my dresser and came across my Gap Long and Lean Jeans, circa 2000. Remember those? Everyone had a pair, right? Even Oprah said they were her favorites. And you know what? They still look great. Low waisted (but not too), slim through the thighs, pretty good back pockets, slight flare, the signature wide bottom hemline. I'm pretty sure Stacy would approve.

I checked and Gap still offers them at a very reasonable $59.50. This is extra great news considering the state of the economy. Which leads me to wonder, have we lost our way, ladies, during all these years of pricey designer pairs?


  1. Some of my fav. maternity pants were long and leans!

  2. Actually, I feel like I've finally found my way with the pricey designer jeans! But I keep jeans for 10 years, so they're really a long-term investment. Better to buy something perfect than something cheap that will need to be replaced next season.

  3. Hi Jora,

    Thank you for all of your posts about products that are stylish and eco-friendly.

    A friend of mine here in San Diego has recently started an eco-friendly handbag line, and I thought you might be interested in this for several reasons.

    It's a local business, she's a working mom (with a 3-year-old son and a husband who is a photographer), and her goal in designing the bags was to provide an alternative to leather bags, which aren't as environmentally-friendly in the landfill as her fabric bags are.

    I really love these bags (have a shopping buddy and the Sampa), and I'm guessing you might like them, too.

    If you want to share the info with your "audience," here's the link: www.giaciniatelier.com.


  4. Brittany -- thanks for the tip...I will check it out. I always like supporting local businesses, especially mom-owned ones!

  5. I confess to being someone who totally lost their way with pricey jeans and the like... I wouldn't even say I shop a lot, but I think I have paid way too much for things that should cost lots less. I find I don't look nearly as put together as I'd like for the money I've spent. I wish I could have a uniform like my daughter;-)

  6. Due to the economy, I can't currently blow $200 on a pair of jeans like I could last year, so the Gap option is looking mighty appealing right about now! I really believe that 9 times out of 10 women dress for other women....hence $200 jeans. I don't think men care or notice as long as they look cute on your butt. :)

  7. Oh yes! I still have my trusty pair of long & lean's from The Gap. They're now reserved for weekends but I love em the same... so does my hubby.

    I actually just bought a great pair of trouser jeans from a Gap outlet. They fit great and you can't beat the price - $25.99!


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