Milkman Tees and Onesies.

September 30, 2008

I told you the other day how much I love glass milk bottles. Well, here is a little newborn or toddler gift you can keep on hand that combines that whole cool vintage bottle thing with a unique graphic tee or onesie (the tee or onesie comes cleverly packaged in the milk bottle). I've been looking for a gift I can keep on hand in bulk, and I think this is it. C-Man and Baby J both have a few and I just love them. They are unique and a little retro, made of soft cotton. Check out a few of the images:

By the way, the tees and onesies are designed and screen-printed by a husband and wife team in Nashville, Tennessee. All the better.

Buy them here.


  1. These are adorable--and I'm totally with you on loving all-things milk bottle that Burt's Bees buttermilk bath soak packaging. It speaks to such a stylish yet wholesome simplicity.

    And have you seen these porcelain milk bottles on Etsy? LOVE 'em!

  2. citysage: love those ones on etsy! thx for the tip.

  3. love, love this post...makes me want to have another on...almost...

  4. so cute! now i just need to kids to buy them for...


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