Boot Roundup.

September 22, 2008

Now that fall is officially in the air and the daylight has dropped off (how did that happen so fast?), it's time to talk about the very best part of our new season: boots! I am not going to even attempt a survey of the best out there....bliss has done it for us! Go over and check it out. I can just about guarantee you'll find something you'll love! Here are my faves:

From Sundance.

And Anthropologie.


  1. I really want a pair for this season. I ogled them last year and held off- not sure if I can do it again! At least I have my Hunter wellies. :)

  2. I'm in the throes of boot obsession right now too! I just browse and browse and browse, looking for the perfect pair. Nice choices!

  3. love them- loved that my gal Jos had you on Simple Lovely. Yr place looks divine! I have been here befre and lost you- must add you to my reader asap. gorgeous here! I think you may have ordered from me on Etsy? I always recall lovely unique names :)

  4. 180/380: I think you need a new pair for your upcoming world travels!

    Rachel: Thanks...but really it's the lady behind bliss you should thank! She did all the hard work. :)

    Amy: Yes, I ordered one of your maple teethers awhile has been with us through, oh, about 5 teeth now!

  5. these are wonderful, rugged options.


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