Baby J on the Move.

September 24, 2008

Well, Baby J has finally rid herself of the (slower-going) army-jungle-belly-crawl, as we liked to call it around here. Now she motors around on all fours at close to C-Man's pace. My life just got waaaaay harder.

The upside is she is so darn proud of herself that she giggles the whole time she's cruising around. Here, listen (and watch):

Baby J on the Move from domestic reflections on Vimeo.

**Sorry, I can't embed this...I am having problems with Blogger (again). You have to click on the link to watch it. But it is worth it! ;) **


  1. baby j is a mover and a shaker! cutie-pie.

  2. She's so cute! My guy is still doing the army crawl thing. He's gotten up on all fours a few times but seems to prefer getting down and dirty! Oh well, he'll be walking soon, I guess.

  3. You weren't kidding, she cruises! Thanks for taking a moment to visit my blog. Sorry if my archives are a bit slim. My dad passed away this summer. I didn't feel much like blogging, or have the time for that matter.
    Keep up the great work here!

  4. This cracked Dash up so much, I think I've watched it ten times by now. I showed it to Azucena too. Que bonita - was all she could say. And she's right. Dash is crawling too! We should race them!

  5. that video made my morning! she is just so full of life. i just found your blog and am really enjoying it daily.


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