Check Out Our Babyproofing in Apartment Therapy!

September 26, 2008

The nice folks at Apartment Therapy: ohdeedoh did a little post on our babyproofing strategy. Check it out here.


  1. Super idea and it looks great. Why am I not surprised? ;)

  2. I just discovered your blog today via Simply Lovely. I think you're my new favorite read.

  3. Oh, you added the gate. It looks good--and secure.

  4. Hi Jora - Thanks for the comment - would love to see how you converted it because that is what we are looking at doing - converting an old storage shed into a coop. If our dog doesn't it the chickens first!

    email address is:

    Mucho gracias,
    jenny :)

    ps - great babyproofing - your home is lovely.

  5. I had total and complete home envy when I saw the post on apartment therapy. Then I read your blog. Love. it. So many of your posts ( flora and henri, bittman and gwyneth paltrow show, hatred of all things plastic, nonchalant mom etc etc) are also my own obsessions - and I have two little dudes the same age as yours. The only major difference seems to be that I love to eat as much as you seem to- but I am pretty weak at cooking. So far. I'm gonna try the Zuni cooking ( I live in SF and its my fave...) Thanks for all the inspiration today!

  6. Wow! Congrats on the Odeedoh feature. Hope it sends a lot of readers your way.

  7. whoorl: coming from you, I take that as a serious compliment. :)

    rachel: I'm so glad...thanks so much!

    mamabj: yes, we did. now pj wil be free to roam about. :)

    lobotome: i emailed you a photo...let me know if you want more info. so glad there are people out there that like chickens too!

    anon: start a blog and i will for sure be a regular reader considering all of our mutual interests! i wish i lived closer to is one of my favorite restaurants too.

    yolanda: thanks so much! i am looking forward to checking out your blog too. :)


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